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Mapethene HT - Mapei

Mapethene HT - Mapei


Mapethene HT is a self-adhesive bitumen membrane made from a mixture of bitumen and special polymers bonded to a double laminated film of high density polyethylene (HDPE). Mapethene HT is used to waterproof the outside of concrete, brick and block-built foundations, cellars and underground garages.


ADVANTAGES • Mapethene HT is applied cold in complete safety, without using flames. • Highly flexible; simple, quick and easy to apply. • Adheres perfectly to substrates, thanks to the use of Mapethene Primer. • Vulcanized side strip to improve water-tightness at overlaps. • Good crack-bridging properties once applied. • Impermeable up to a pressure of 8 bar. • Preformed membrane; more control on its thickness during production and total uniformity of the mix. • Mapethene HT is impermeable to radon and methane. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTI

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