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Polyplus 50  /  3 Gal  Pail

Polyplus 50 / 3 Gal Pail

Polyplus 50 premium modified wet/dry cement is a superior quality formulation for use in a wide variety of roofing applications such as SBS roofing systems as well as various other membrane systems and even in conditions which are wet, damp, or underwater. In addition, Polyplus 50 can be used for emergency repair as well as on shingles, BUR (Built Up Roofing), concrete, and general damp proofing. Polyplus 50 has a heavy, “trowel-grade” consistency which makes it ideal for flashing details, attachment of membrane to steep slopes and parapet walls and a variety of waterproofing repairs. Its flexibility and elasticity make it superior to standard plastic cements especially where there are moving joints. Polyplus 50 contains special additives that enhance spreadability allowing for more linear feet applied per hour and is specially formulated to be compatible with Polyglass roofing membranes.

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